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As a leading plastic surgeon and nationally renowned specialist in Facial Feminization surgery, Dr. Sarah Saxon has been featured in numerous media outlets and podcasts.

Dr. Saxon is passionate about educating the public about plastic surgery procedures and best practices to ensure that patients approach their treatment with the confidence of knowing what can be achieved with Dr. Saxon’s extensive skills and experience, as well as what to expect during and after their procedure. Click the links below to hear Dr. Saxon discuss various procedures, or check out her many blog, video, and social media posts.

Dr. Sarah Saxon, Facial Plastic Surgeon Austin & Dallas

What is Buccal Fat Pad Excision with Dr. Sarah Saxon

Dr. Sarah Saxon of Saxon MD in Dallas & Austin, TX explains the Buccal Fat Pad Excision procedure. Are chubby cheeks something you've hated your whole life? Hear how you can transform your face in less than an hour with this minimally invasive procedure done under local anesthesia in the office.

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Brow Bone Reduction

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What is a Brow Bone Reduction

Dr. Sarah Saxon explains the Brow Bone Reduction procedure, candidates and recovery.

Are you interested in this procedure? Dr. Saxon performs this procedure weekly in her downtown Austin, TX practice and also offers it at her Dallas practice too!

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Episode35: Facial Feminization Surgery

We are excited to have the famous Dr. Sarah Saxon a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in facial feminization surgery. She will walk us through this complicated and expanding field of plastic surgery. We also get caught up on all the holiday happenings of our celebrity cast!

Make your tomorrow beautiful. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Saxon about facial plastic surgery in Texas. Dr. Saxon will answer all your questions in a caring manner and help you create a plan to bring your ideal looks to life!