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Empowering Partnerships

In the bright early morning of Sunday, November 5, the Saxon MD practice made its way to the rolling hills of Lakeway to the first ever Girls in Tech ATX GIT Fit Fun Run. As their website proclaims, GIT, a global non-profit, was created “for anyone with an interest in technology, startups and providing women with a platform for growth.” The funds raised from the event will allow GIT ATX to continue to provide the greater Austin area with more activities and events that will educate, encourage, and empower girls of all ages in the STEAM industry. With ideals so in tune with female empowerment, it was an easy choice for our practice to sponsor the GIT Fit Fun Run.

“Overall, the event was a huge success and it was all a highlight,” Sara Santoliquido, GIT board member and run organizer, said. “If I had to choose one highlight, it would be the number of families that completed the 5k together and shared the day with each other. I love seeing families doing things together and sharing quality time with one another.”

After a scenic run and a rejuvenating misty rain, runners made their way back to the central pavilion. An array of women empowering resource booths greeted them, not only allowing an opportunity to sip mimosas post run (or juice for the minors), but to learn about the relationships that Girls in Tech continues to foster in the Austin area. Thanks to a growing partnership with GIT, Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery got to be a part of it.

Dr. Saxon’s booth of multicolored skulls attracted several young people, curious as to the story behind the unusual display. Dr. Saxon created the skulls using a 3D printer.

In complex bony reconstructive procedures, it is oftentimes more precise to do much of the surgery before the patient is even asleep.” Dr. Saxon said. “The orbit in particular is one of those areas. Small differences in the volume between the two eye sockets can give someone double vision. In revision or more major reconstructions, I like to mirror the CT scan image from the “normal” eye socket onto the other side on the computer. I can then print a model based on this modification to mold a custom titanium mesh implant that will fit perfectly.”

Sneha, one of our booth’s young visitors, stood out. Sneha was at the event as a representative for Whiz Biz Kids, an organization that provides young people a firsthand experience to explore their entrepreneurial spirit and create successful financial habits. Sneha expressed interest in entering the medical field as either a child psychologist or a pediatrician.

“Ever since I was a little kid I have always loved looking at the human body and bones and guts and all that stuff.” Sneha said. “I was not a normal kid, so I loved and enjoyed crushing bugs and looking at their organs and all that stuff.”

Sneha’s interests are precisely the kind of curiosity and focus that GIT wishes to promote, and events like these provide the opportunity to connect those interests with people already working in various STEAM related fields. So, it comes as no surprise that Wendy Howell, Managing Director of GIT ATX, expressed that one of the primary goals for GIT is to create a circle of community.

“It is not just about Girls in Tech, it is about all things girl, and I am a huge believer in the power of better together!” Wendy said. “In partnership with other organizations, we can accomplish so much more!”

Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery is proud to sponsor such an amazing event, and we look forward to partnering with GIT ATX for future endeavors.

Above: Practice Manager Lisa Bounds, GIT’s Wendy Howell, GIT’s Sara Santoliquido, and Dr. Saxon.


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