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The #SaxySquad: Meet Maria

Saxon MD

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  1. Full Name:  Maria Isabel Reuss.
  2. Position:  Medical Receptionist
  3. Why did you choose to be a part of Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery?  For one, I was extremely impressed with Dr. Saxon’s credentials. I could already tell she would be an amazing mentor to learn from. I love the management. Lisa and Dr. Saxon are not only intelligent, but super sweet. I love the market they cater to and the services we offer.
  4. What is your job background?  Other than sales and fine dining jobs in the past, my last job was at a sports medicine and family practice medical office for 3 years. I was “Patient Liaison” there. 
  5. What do you do in your free time?  How and why did you get into those things?  There are so many! I do photography, write, travel, and craft. I own my own line of self-care products, cosmetics, jewelry, and clothing, so I do shows for these every so often. I keep busy, that’s for sure! I started all these things in high school. I was in photojournalism and fashion design as my electives. I fell in love with it all. 
  6. What are you most passionate about and why?  I’m passionate about helping those around me and creating. I’m always thinking of innovative products and I don’t think I could be sane without being able to express those thoughts through my art. 
  7. What is your favorite quote and why?  “All life is is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  8. What three words describe you best? Why?  Passionate. Grounded. Creative. I pour myself into everything and everyone. I’m a really rational thinker and keep composure always. My love for the arts and constant ideas make me creative.

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