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3 Skincare Power Couples


All skincare products are designed to work well together. But, there are some products that work together better than others. Let me introduce you to some favorite duos:

  1. Retinol + HA Intensifier – Retinol can have a drying or irritating effect on the skin as it exfoliates dead skin layers away. Pairing it with Hyaluronic Acid can help calm that irritation and rehydrate the new skin coming through. Skinceutical’s HA Intensifier combined with PCA’s Intensive Age Refining Treatment (or Intensive Brightening Treatment) is an unbeatable combo!
  2. CE Ferulic + SPF – There is no better anti-aging combination than this one. Skinceutical’s CE Ferulic ( or Phloretin CF) is an antioxidant serum that creates a barrier on the skin to prevent any environmental damage. Elta MD’s UV Daily (or UV Clear) will create an additional barrier on the skin to prevent any aging side effects from sun damage. Together, these two products will keep you looking youthful for a lifetime.
  3. AOX+ Eye Gel + A.G.E. Eye Complex – Two eye creams? YES! Skinceutical’s AXO+ Eye Gel is ideal for AM use. The antioxidants in this gel protect that sensitive skin under the eye. It will also prevent free radicals in the environment from taking all the precious nutrients, ultimately keeping that area free of wrinkles! Skinceutical’s A.G.E. Eye Complex is a thicker cream, perfect for PM use. It is formulated with peptides which help to lift, firm, and plump the skin. Together, these creams will keep you looking bright eyed and refreshed!

Using these perfect pairs will help you achieve the results you’re looking for!

To learn more about skincare products and treatments that are a great fit for you, schedule a consultation with our aesthetician. She’ll show you all the good things specifically for you!


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