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Why Are Snapchat Filters So Flattering?

Ever wonder why most snapchat filters make you look so darn good? Believe it or not, most filters actually feminize the face. Feminine facial features include:

  • Smooth skin
  • Flat brow ridge
  • Large eyes
  • Eyebrows above the brow bone
  • Small nose
  • Short upper lip
  • Large lips
  • Narrow chin and jaw

Since I have taken countless selfies with the app, I started to notice a pattern. Most of the filters that were flattering were also feminizing. Of course, there are a few funny ones in the mix that do the opposite, but for the most part, the pattern holds true. Below are a few examples:

Facial feminization surgery highlights all of these features. Forehead contouring flattens the brow bone and lifts the eyebrows, actually making the eyes larger. Adding filler to the cheeks or placing cheek implants bounces light into the eyes to make them brighter as well. Making the nose smaller in a reduction rhinoplasty feminizes the face in a dramatic way since it removes any abnormal contours and shadows.

The lip lift has proven to be an increasingly popular procedure in the last year or two. A youthful and feminine feature of the mouth comes from being able to see the upper teeth when the mouth is slightly open. A lip lift actually shortens the upper lip to accomplish this and is often part of facial feminization surgery. It can also be done at the same time as lip augmentation with an implant, filler, or tissue from your own body, which provides that final plump, youthful look.

Lastly, jawline contouring to narrow the back of the jawline and shorten and narrow the chin can be very feminizing. For this reason, almost all flattering snapchat filters will narrow the jaw. To achieve an even better result, hold your phone up in the air while taking a selfie to further minimize the chin and jaw in the photo.

As you can see, facial feminization surgery is not just for gender confirmation surgery. The same techniques can be used on almost anyone to soften the facial features and result in an overall more attractive look.

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