A New Way of Thinking About Facial Fillers
At Saxon MD we believe that it is the results that count, not the amount of injections. We price our injectables based upon the amount that will give you the best result, not on how much product we use.


SaxySmooth incorporates multiple different products to improve the appearance of folds and wrinkles around the mouth and fine lines on the forehead and between the eyes. It is often combined with neuromodulators and skin treatments to improve the overall texture of the face.


SaxyLift is our signature technique for adding volume to the areas of the face that have deflated with age. Dr. Saxon will choose the best product to pick back up what gravity has pulled down. Common places include the cheeks and jowls. Combine SaxyLift and SaxySmooth for what most people call a Liquid Facelift!


There is an array of different choices when perfecting your pucker. Whether you want to rehydrate the look of your lips or add pillowy volume; Dr. Saxon will determine what is best for you with SaxyLips to achieve the exact size and shape desired.


Eyes tell a story to the world. Hollowing under the eyes can make the whole face appear tired and prematurely aged. Energize the eye area with the SaxyEyes treatment. A small improvement that has a BIG impact. Combine SaxyEyes with any other package for a total face rejuvenation.

What Products Do We Use?

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