Make Your Mouth Look Younger: What is a Lip Lift?

By October 30, 2017Lip Rejuvenation

The key to having a youthful and feminine upper lip is not just fullness. Lip augmentation has been a popular procedure in recent years, especially after Kylie Jenner unveiled her voluptuous lips to the world. Many people think that simply injecting the lips will give them the look they want, but creating a short upper lip is also important. Flip through any fashion magazine, and you find models striking a pose with serious looks and their mouths slightly open. If you look closer, you’ll see that they reveal their upper teeth even though the model is not trying to show their teeth.

What does a lip lift entail?

As we age, we all gradually develop a longer and longer upper lip. The skin in this area also becomes thinner and less elastic. In order to re-create a short lip, a lip lift must be done. It can be done either in the office under local anesthesia or in the operating room with sedation. The whole process takes about 1 hour.

There are numerous techniques, but the most common involves making an incision in the crease at the base of the nose. The area of skin to be excised is carefully drawn out, and the skin is removed. Once the incision is closed, the upper lip instantly shortens and appears slightly fuller. Sometimes patients opt to not only lift the lip, but also to add the removed soft tissue back into the lip to create permanent fullness.

What is recovery like?

As previously mentioned, the incision is hidden in the crease under the nose; stitches are left in place for one week. The upper lip may have some minor bruising and swelling during recovery. Overall, most people do not experience a lot of pain. Once the stitches are removed, the incision with remain pink for several months, but it can be camouflaged with makeup. Daily sunscreen encourages any remaining redness to go away.