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Embrace RF

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Powerful Results Without Surgery

Change is an inevitable part of life, and many of life’s changes should be embraced and celebrated. However, other changes may not be met with such enthusiasm.

With aging comes some less than desirable changes, such as slowing metabolism, sagging skin, and fine lines and wrinkles. These changes can be especially apparent in the face and jawline as stubborn submental fat accumulates, jowls begin to appear, and fine lines and wrinkles slowly emerge.

Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery is proud to offer a breakthrough non-surgical facelift treatment in Dallas, TX. Embrace RF produces the most comparable results to a traditional facelift of any non-surgical treatment, significantly reducing signs of aging in the face and jawline without surgery or lengthy downtime.

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What is Embrace RF?

Embrace RF in Dallas, is a revolutionary non-surgical facelift treatment that combines FaceTite and Morpheus8 to remove excess fat below the chin, tighten skin, and smooth wrinkles. This dual-modality treatment is an ideal treatment for men and women in their 20’s and beyond who would like to permanently reduce signs of aging in the face and jawline without surgery.

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Minimally invasive treatment

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Embrace RF benefits

Embrace RF offers substantial results with minimal procedure and recovery time.

In about 90 minutes to two hours, Embrace RF can achieve a 40% increase in skin tautness. This minimally invasive treatment leaves behind no visible scars and causes far less bruising, swelling, and pain than a surgical facelift. Embrace RF is performed under local anesthesia or light sedation, eliminating the increased risk of general anesthesia.

What can I expect during my Embrace RF treatment?

Dallas Embrace RF at Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery is performed in our office, usually under local anesthesia. For patients who need help relaxing during treatment, Valium or Nitronox (laughing gas) may also be administered. While patients who opt for Valium will need a friend or family member to drive them home after their appointment, those who receive Nitronox will be able to drive themselves.

First, Dr. Saxon will draw a treatment “road map” on the target areas and administer a diluted local anesthetic. Then, Dr. Saxon will use a small needle to create five entry points to insert the FaceTite cannula. Dr. Saxon will treat each target area to achieve a predetermined temperature to tighten skin and reduce fat without burning or damaging the skin. After treating the lower face with FaceTite, Dr. Saxon will apply Morpheus8 to the entire neck and face to further improve skin elasticity and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

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What can I expect during my Embrace RF recovery?

Immediately following your Embrace RF treatment, you will need to wear a compressive dressing to promote optimal healing in the lower face.

You will need to keep this dressing on continually for 48 to 72 hours and wear it nightly for an additional one to two weeks to reduce swelling. As radiofrequency energy can dry skin, it is essential to moisturize treated skin throughout the healing process. While bruising is possible with any procedure, it is less likely with Embrace RF because the radiofrequency energy used during treatment closes off blood vessels.

Discomfort is also minimal, with most Dallas Embrace RF patients only taking Tylenol during recovery. Dr. Saxon performs most Embrace RF treatments in Dallas on Friday to allow patients to return to work the following Monday. While you will notice an impressive improvement in skin laxity and facial contours just one week after treatment, you can expect your results to continue to improve for six months to over a year!

Can I combine Embrace RF with other treatments?

Embrace RF along delivers more impressive results than any other non-surgical facelift treatment. However, minimally invasive collagen-boosting treatments to promote skin elasticity can be excellent companions to Embrace RF. Treatments such as microneedling, injectable treatments, or others can further help to prevent signs of aging following your Embrace RF treatment. The skilled and experienced specialists at Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery can help you develop the most advantageous treatment plan according to your unique goals and needs.

What are the risks and side effects of Embrace RF?

Temperatures are closely monitored during Embrace RF treatment, with the device delivering the provider with instant feedback to ensure optimal safety. An automatic shut-off feature also guarantees that treatment temperatures remain in the appropriate range. While side effects of Embrace RF are generally mild and resolve quickly without any further treatment, some patients may experience minor redness, tingling, swelling, or muscle weakness in treated areas. You can always minimize the risk of any procedure by receiving treatment from a reputable and experienced provider like Dr. Sarah Saxon and her team of medical professionals at Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery in Dallas.

Am I a good candidate for Embrace RF?

Embrace RF is an excellent treatment option for generally healthy men and women who would like to achieve a more sculpted, youthful appearance in the face and jawline without surgery.

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