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Comprehensive Body Sculpting in Dallas

Pursuing a toned physique can be challenging at any stage in life, but it can begin to feel like a lost cause when combined with the effects of aging.

As we age, metabolism slows, and collagen production declines, leading to pockets of persistent fat, loose skin, muscle laxity, and cellulite. At Saxon MD, exclusive to our Dallas location, we offer a variety of non-invasive body sculpting and contouring treatments. These modern solutions to skin laxity, excess fat, and muscle atrophy give patients the ability to sculpt areas of concern without downtime or surgery.

We are the only practice in Dallas that offers combination treatments to deliver comprehensive results that rival those of surgical treatments. Dallas & Austin facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sarah Saxon, and her team of experts at Saxon MD - Dallas, have the skill and experience to provide you with the absolute best care and body sculpting Dallas area folks can get! Non-invasive body sculpting typically consists of a series of short treatment sessions that are so convenient that you can schedule them during your lunch break!

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EMBodi Body Sculpting in Dallas

Saxon MD is the only Dallas provider of combination non-surgical treatments to produce results comparable to those of surgery.

EMBodi is an exclusive combination treatment that utilizes the revolutionary power of Emsculpt Neo and Emtone to synergistically build muscle, reduce fat, and tighten skin with zero downtime. It works by combining radiofrequency, targeted pressure pulses, and high frequency electromagnetic energy. Areas of treatment include the abdomen, arms, buttocks, front/back of the thighs, inner/outer thighs, and calves.

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Reduce Cellulite with Emtone

Emtone is a non-invasive skin treatment that uses radiofrequency and targeted pressure energies to reduce cellulite in various areas of the body. It is the only treatment of its kind that addresses all of cellulite’s contributing factors.

How does Emtone work?

With radiofrequency and targeted pressure energies, Emtone smooths cellulite dimpling by treating all five of its causes. Cellulite dimpling occurs as a result of combined factors, including enlarged fat chambers, skin laxity, poor blood flow, stored metabolic waste, and stiffened collagen fibers that pull the skin inward.

Emtone’s radiofrequency energy melts fat and firms skin, while the targeted pressure energy breaks up stored fat and loosens stiffened fibers. In addition to cellulite, Emtone also treats scarring, shelving, and other irregularities. Each treatment takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and requires no anesthesia or downtime. Most patients receive a series of four sessions to reach their desired results.

Build Muscle with Emsculpt Neo

Dr. Saxon is always searching for the most effective treatments for her patients. This is why we now offer the newest technology in non-invasive body sculpting with Emsculpt Neo and are the only clinic in downtown Austin with this amazing device. Emsculpt Neo is the first non-invasive procedure for both men and women to efficiently build your muscles, restore your core, and lift and tone your buttocks.

How does Emsculpt Neo work?

Emsculpt Neo uses high-intensity focused radiofrequency and electromagnetic energies to tone muscles and melt fat simultaneously. With HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) energy, Emsculpt Neo induces thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions in a single session. These muscle contractions, which are far more potent than regular voluntary muscle contractions, cause deep remodeling of the muscles’ structure to produce exponentially more significant results than traditional exercise. Emsculpt Neo delivers a 25% increase in muscle mass and a 35% reduction in fat!

Emsculpt Neo is FDA-approved to build muscle in the buttocks, abdomen, arms, thighs, and calves. Most patients reach optimal results with four 30-minute Emsculpt Neo sessions spaced five to ten days apart.

Many patients notice visible results immediately after their first Emsculpt Neo treatment. However, results will continue to improve for up to six months after treatment. Results typically last six months to a year with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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Emsculpt Neo offers all of the benefits of Emsculpt with the addition of radiofrequency energy to enhance fat reduction and muscle toning results. For this reason alone - Dr. Saxon’s Dallas EMBodi treatments provide superior results.

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Tighten Skin with Exilis Ultra 360

Exilis Ultra 360 is the first and only device to simultaneously combine radiofrequency and ultrasound technology to tighten skin and reduce fat. Controlled heating and cooling through various settings can deliver energy to different depths depending on what body area is being treated.

How does Exilis Ultra 360 work?

Exilis Ultra 360 is a one-of-a-kind treatment to reduce fat, tighten skin, smooth cellulite, stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Ultrasound broadly applied to the treatment area allows for better absorption of radiofrequency heat to deliver enhanced results.

Exilis Ultra 360 can treat any area of the body. Most patients need two to four 15 to 30-minute treatments to achieve the best results. As it takes the lymphatic system approximately 90 days to flush out dead fat cells, Exilis Ultra 360 fat reduction results take about three months to develop. Fat reduction with Exilis Ultra 360 is permanent, and skin tightening caused by Exilis Ultra 360 can last two years or more!

Who is a candidate for our Dallas Body Sculpting?

When it comes to body sculpting Dallas' Saxon MD location simply requires generally healthy adults who would like to achieve a more toned, youthful appearance by reducing fat, tightening skin, or increasing muscle mass without invasive treatment or downtime. Patients who have implanted electronic medical devices, or metal, unfortunately may not be candidates for non-invasive body sculpting. Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding are also contraindicated from these treatments.

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What are the risks and side effects of non-invasive body sculpting?

Due to the non-invasive nature of these treatments, risks and side effects are minimal.

Emsculpt may cause some mild muscle soreness, but this side effect is short-lived and feels similar to the soreness you might experience following a strenuous workout. Some patients may experience minor redness, swelling, numbness, blistering, or (rarely) scarring following Exilis Ultra 360 treatment. Vanquish ME may cause redness or swelling in some patients. However, these side effects are mild and typically resolve within the same day as treatment.

How can I maintain my Dallas Body Sculpting results?

While fat reduction achieved with non-invasive body sculpting is permanent, the remaining fat cells in treated areas may swell or shrink with significant weight change. You can best maintain your results with a healthy diet, active lifestyle, and follow-up treatments as needed.

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