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Level up your skincare regimen with Alastin Skincare and SkinBetter at Breathe Aesthetics and Wellness

Invariably, the foundation of a healthy, glowing, forever-young complexion is the consistent use of a science-based skincare regimen designed for your skin’s specific needs.

Nationally renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sarah Saxon is dedicated to providing her Austin skincare products patients with the most effective and advanced skincare treatments and products on the market.

Dr. Saxon is proud to offer Alastin and SkinBetter skincare in Austin and Dallas, TX, at Breathe Aesthetics and Wellness. These meticulously formulated products can help you achieve your most effective skin care regimen, enhance your favorite Breathe Aesthetics and Wellness skin rejuvenation treatments, and aid in post-procedure recovery.

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Remove aged collagen and elastin with Alastin Skincare

Sun exposure and aging can cause collagen and elastin within the skin to deteriorate, leading to visible changes such as dryness, dullness, thin skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Alastin Skincare products remove these damaged fibers to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Alastin Skincare

Alastin Skincare’s award-winning formulas are derived from the brand’s proprietary TriHex Technology, which uses a unique combination of peptides and botanicals to ultimately replace damaged collagen and elastin fibers with new ones for strengthened and rejuvenated skin. As the name indicates, Alastin Skincare’s TriHex Technology performs three specific actions within the skin:


The daily use of Alastin Skincare products allows for the continued renewal of damaged collagen and elastin for ongoing protection and rejuvenation.


The removal of damaged collagen and elastin allows for extensive restructuring of the skin with new, healthy fibers for a visible difference in the skin’s condition. As this occurs, the skin will gradually become smoother, tighter, stronger, and better protected from future damage.

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SkinBetter offers an extensive line of award-winning and media-acclaimed products developed by some of the most renowned specialists in the industry.

The SkinBetter research and development team includes experts responsible for heavy-hitting products like Dysport and Restylane. They are passionate about applying the most up-to-date scientific breakthroughs to creating advanced skincare products.

SkinBetter prioritizes personalized care, allowing only the best cosmetic, aesthetic, and dermatological providers to carry their products. Breathe Aesthetics and Wellness’ reputation for exceptional patient care and treatment outcomes allows us to be a part of this exclusive club of prestigious providers.

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Dr. Sarah Saxon and the expert team of professionals at Breathe Aesthetics and Wellness strive to deliver the best skincare products Austin has to offer and are here to help you curate a personalized skincare regimen containing the most scientifically advanced products available.

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If you would like to learn more about skincare products in Dallas or Austin from the specialists at Breathe Aesthetics and Wellness, please contact our office during regular business hours to schedule your consultation.

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