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Adam’s Apple Surgery

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Say Goodbye to the Bump

Some people develop an overly large Adam's apple during puberty. Others simply want to look more feminine. If you are concerned about the appearance of your Adam's apple, then a tracheal shave might be right for you.

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Adam's Apple Surgery at Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery

As a sought-after facial plastic surgeon in Dallas & Austin, founder Dr. Sarah Saxon at Saxon MD offers compassionate care and exquisite results when reshaping the neck. Through Adam's apple reduction surgery, she helps numerous patients every week to feel more confident and comfortable in their looks.

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What is Adam's Apple Surgery?

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What is
Adam's Apple Surgery?

Everyone develops an Adam’s apple during adolescence, but the size varies from person to person.

The Adam’s apple is made of cartilage. During a tracheal shave, also known as chondrolaryngoplasty, a surgeon shaves down the cartilage to make the Adam’s apple smaller and less visible.

Adam’s Apple Reduction vs Voice Feminization

Contrary to popular belief, these are two distinct procedures with different purposes. An Adam’s apple reduction aims to minimize the bulge visible on the neck when speaking or swallowing. When performed correctly, it should not affect the speaking voice. Vocal feminization surgery, on the other hand, entails altering the shape, size, or length of the vocal cords to lend a more feminine, high-pitched quality to the voice.

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Benefits of Adam’s Apple Surgery

An excessively large Adam’s apple
can be a source of embarrassment or physical discomfort.

Some Dallas Adam's Apple Surgery patients also find it gives them a more masculine appearance than they would like. Surgically reducing the Adam’s apple is a relatively safe, quick procedure that immediately improves the neck. It is incredible what a small change can do to refine a person’s appearance!

Advantages of Adam’s Apple Reduction

  • Enhanced self-image
  • A more streamlined, feminine neck
  • Less discomfort and rubbing in collared shirts or turtlenecks

Adam's Apple Surgery Candidates

Dr. Saxon regularly treats cisgender men, cisgender women, and transgender patients (transitioning from male-to-female) seeking Adam’s apple reduction in Dallas. Any adult that is not pregnant, nursing, breastfeeding, an active smoker, or in poor health may be considered for the procedure.

Austin & Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sarah Saxon

Consultation and Preparation

Consultation and Preparation

During your private consultation for Adam's Apple Surgery Austin & Dallas facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Saxon, will listen with compassion to understand your concerns and answer any questions you might have.

If you have a personal or family history of anesthesia-related problems, let her know during your consultation, as the operation requires general anesthesia. If you are a candidate, you will meet with her office manager to receive a price quote, consent form, and pre-operative instructions. Preparing for the surgery is as simple as adjusting medications and modifying what you eat and drink hours before your operation. Smokers must quit several weeks beforehand and remain nicotine-free during the recovery.


This 30-minute procedure takes place under general anesthesia.

During the operation, we do not insert a traditional breathing tube. Instead, we use a laryngeal mask airway (LMA), a balloon device that sits on top of the vocal cords. A tube attached to the LMA facilitates breathing during the operation.

Dr. Saxon then passes a tiny camera through the tube, giving her a clear visual of the vocal cords. While viewing a computer screen, she marks where the vocal cords attach to the cartilage. She carefully shaves down the excess cartilage without damaging the voice box, then closes the wound with dissolving sutures and medical-grade tissue glue.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

As a relatively minor procedure, the recovery from Adam’s apple surgery is usually quick and easy. Most patients feel well enough to walk and perform light activities within the first 24 hours.

Out-of-town patients should book overnight accommodations near the hospital in the rare event of an emergent medical issue. Please avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for two weeks. Swelling, bruising, and vocal hoarseness are common temporary side effects. You may also have difficulty swallowing initially. Your sutures will dissolve naturally and do not require removal. After your surgery, you should see immediate results that only get better over the next few weeks.

Why Saxon MD?

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on 150+ online reviews - As a respected Austin & Dallas facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sarah Saxon is highly experienced in Adam’s apple reduction surgery. She routinely performs the operation at either her Dallas or her Austin practices and loves seeing her patients achieve satisfying results through this simple procedure. What sets her apart is that she utilizes advanced computer technology and camera guidance to ensure she does not damage the vocal cords.

Additional Reading

Using this technique, Dr. Saxon has avoided permanent voice changes in 100 percent of cases thus far. Additionally, she completed a five-year residency in otolaryngology head and neck surgery and fellowship training in facial plastic surgery under renowned surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel. Owing to her qualifications, training, and proven track record of success, Dr. Saxon is among the most skilled Adam's apple reduction surgeons Dallas & Austin has to offer.

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You do not have to live with the embarrassment and discomfort that comes with a prominent Adam’s apple. Redefine your appearance today with Austin & Dallas facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sarah Saxon at Saxon MD. Fill out the booking form on this page or call (512) 537-4191 to schedule your consultation. We proudly serve Dallas, Travis, Hays, and Williamson counties in Texas, along with Austin and its surrounding areas too.

Adam's Apple Surgery FAQs

To ensure a painless surgery, you will be placed under general anesthesia. Aside from some soreness and swelling, you should not experience significant discomfort during your recovery.

The Adam's Apple Surgery results are long-lasting. However, some of the cartilage may regenerate in a small number of patients.

If you notice a lump forming where your Adam's apple once was, it is most likely residual swelling, a collection of fluid, or scar thickening rather than your Adam's apple growing back. Contact our office if you notice any changes.

All surgical procedures carry risks. Possible complications from a tracheal shave include infection, scarring, dissatisfaction with the results, fluid collection, prolonged swelling, and vocal cord damage.

A permanent raspy voice after Adam's apple surgery is generally avoidable. To ensure your voice isn't affected, Dr. Saxon relies on a camera to ensure the vocal cords are not damaged.

Most patients can speak normally within a week, although it can take up to six weeks for all swelling around the voice box to resolve.

A complete recovery takes two to four weeks. You should be able to resume most daily activities, including vigorous exercise, after 14 days.

Most patients take up to a week off work or school on average.

Insurance is unlikely to cover the procedure since it is purely cosmetic.

Make your tomorrow beautiful. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Saxon about facial plastic surgery in Texas. Dr. Saxon will answer all your questions in a caring manner and help you create a plan to bring your ideal looks to life!

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