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Buccal Fat Pad Excision

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Who is a candidate for buccal fat pad excision?

If you find yourself contouring your face with makeup daily to camouflage your “chipmunk cheeks” you may be a good candidate for a buccal fat pad excision. This is a quick 45 minute procedure in the office under local anesthesia to accentuate the cheek bones and downplay fullness in the lower part of the face.

The overall goal it to transition a round face into an oval or inverted triangular shape. It can be paired with botox in the masseter muscle (the muscle attached to the jaw) or fillers around the cheek bones to give even more of a dramatic change.

The procedure itself involves making a small 1 centimeter incision inside the mouth. The fat pad is just inside this incision and comes out in one piece. A small portion of tissue at the base of the fat pad is left in place to prevent scarring and a hollow appearance.

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What is recovery like after buccal fat pad excision?

The incisions inside the mouth are closed with dissolving sutures. Instructions will be given to wash the mouth out with a special mouthwash, and routine dental care can be resumed as soon as tolerated.

A soft diet is recommended for the first day or two to prevent biting the inside of the cheek while swelling is present. Mild swelling occurs which is improved with a compressive wrap. Bruising is generally not visible since the fat pad is deep within the cheek. Swelling gradually goes down over 1-2 weeks revealing your postoperative result.

What is Buccal Fat Pad Excision with Dr. Sarah Saxon

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