Who is a candidate for ear lobe repair?

Years of wearing heavy earrings can take a toll on the ear lobes by widening the piercing. It can be easily solved by closing the hole and repiercing the ear lobe in a slightly different location. As we age, the ear lobe elongates and loses volume. The ear lobe itself can be reduced in size by removing a portion and reattaching it within a hidden skin crease. Many patients even find it helpful to augment the volume of the ear lobe with a hyaluronic acid filler making it possible once again support the weight of jewelry.

Other reasons to repair the ear lobes include trauma with complete division of the ear lobe or repair of gauged ear lobes. All of these procedures can be done easily in clinic.

What is recovery like after ear lobe repair?

Recovery from this procedure is really quite simple. You will have sutures both in front of and behind the ear lobe that will need to be removed 1 week after surgery. Tylenol and ibuprofen are usually all that are needed for pain, and there is really minimal swelling and bruising. Generally, no time off from work is required. Piercing can be done one month after the ear lobe repair and is included in the cost of the procedure.

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