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Muscle Rehabilitation

In Austin & Dallas

Advanced Muscle Rehabilitation in Austin, TX

Restoring muscle function and strength following an injury or surgery can be a long and sometimes grueling process. Manual exercises, while ultimately effective, are limited in their efficiency by nature and the impaired muscular function of the targeted muscles.

Breathe Aesthetics offers a revolutionary method for rehabilitating muscles that bypasses the natural ability to produce stronger and more rapid muscle contractions than the body can perform independently. As a result, you can achieve significantly increased strength and more efficient muscle rehabilitation than traditional methods.

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What is the Technology Behind Our Muscle Rehabilitation Treatment?

Muscle rehabilitation at Breathe Aesthetics employs cutting-edge treatment, Emsculpt Neo, to induce supramaximal muscle contractions in targeted areas of the body.

Emsculpt Neo uses HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) and radiofrequency energies to warm muscles and create tens of thousands of muscle contractions within a single 30-minute session, far exceeding what can be achieved in hours at the gym. In less time than with traditional therapies, you can restore your muscles and resume your active lifestyle for a fuller life and an enhanced sense of well-being.

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Comfortable Treatment

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Comfortable Treatment

At the beginning of your treatment, the radiofrequency energy will warm your muscles several degrees, providing the same benefits as warming up before a workout.

Once your muscles are warm, Emsculpt Neo’s HIFEM energy will bypass the limitations of your brain to induce supramaximal muscle contractions with gradually increasing frequency and intensity. The extreme conditions that Emsculpt Neo creates for your muscles will promote the growth and strengthening of your muscle fibers for a 25% increase in muscle volume. While the muscle contractions induced during your Emsculpt Neo muscle rehabilitation are intense, treatment is entirely comfortable. You will be able to rest comfortably during your treatment, and there is no downtime following your appointment.

Who is a Candidate for Muscle Rehabilitation with Emsculpt Neo?

Muscle rehabilitation with Emsculpt Neo is an excellent treatment option for virtually anyone who has experienced the loss of muscle volume or function due to injury, surgery, or illness. Men and women interested in this method of muscle rehabilitation should be in good general health.

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Book Your Appointment for Austin Muscle Rehabilitation Therapy at Breathe Aesthetics

If you are interested in restoring your muscle strength and function non-invasively with no downtime, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. Breathe Aesthetics serves patients in Austin and Dallas, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should not undergo this muscle rehabilitation therapy?

Emsculpt Neo is a safe and effective treatment option for most patients. Unfortunately, patients with implanted electronic devices, tattoos, hernias, or an artificial joint in the treatment area may not be candidates. This includes pacemakers, copper IUDs, or orthopedic hardware. Emsculpt Neo should also not be used on patients during pregnancy.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you will need to fully rehabilitate your muscles will depend on the extent of your injury. However, most patients undergo about four treatments.

How far apart will my treatments be?

For muscle rehabilitation, you should plan to undergo weekly treatments until your muscles are restored.

What is involved in recovery following muscle rehabilitation treatment?

Recovery following treatment is minimal. You may experience muscle soreness in the treatment area, but this mild side effect feels similar to what you might notice after an intense workout. In addition to helping the muscles warm-up for treatment, the radiofrequency energy used with Emsculpt Neo also aids in recovery.

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