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Neck & Back Pain

In Austin & Dallas

Combination Therapy for Neck & Back Pain in Austin, TX

Neck and back pain can be a source of constant discomfort for some and can significantly impact your physical and emotional well-being. As the discomfort of chronic neck and back problems affects mobility and physical activity, many patients find that their neck or back pain becomes compounded by other issues.

Breathe Aesthetics offers combination therapy for neck and back pain in Austin, TX, to help you live a healthier and happier life. Our treatment combines the most effective non-invasive therapies for lasting pain relief by relaxing muscles, stifling pain, and releasing tension so that you can enjoy restored muscular health and balance.

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Targeted Pressure Energy & Radiofrequency-Based Massage

Our science-based, medical-grade Neck and Back Restore Treatment employs radiofrequency and targeted pressure energies to simultaneously release muscle tension and soothe pain.

As the radiofrequency energy warms muscles, the targeted pressure energy works to relax overly tight muscles. During your treatment, you can expect to feel a sensation of warmth similar to a hot stone massage as well as vibration in targeted areas. This treatment is extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

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Benefits of this Therapy

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What are the Benefits of this Therapy?

The Neck and Back Restore Treatment at Breathe Aesthetics treats overly tight muscles, muscle spasms, and associated pain.

In addition, this treatment enhances circulation in the targeted area so that your muscles and cells can function at their best. As your back and neck pain subsides and your functionality improves, you will be able to enjoy your interests more fully. In addition, you will experience a decreased need for pain medication. Relief from chronic pain will substantially enhance your life and allow you to participate in physical activities that can help you build and maintain muscle balance for a comprehensive improvement to your overall wellness and enjoyment of life.

Neuromodulator Injections for Added Relief

In addition to our science-based massage, you can enhance your results with neuromodulator injections in trigger points.

Neuromodulators work by affecting the receptors that cause muscles to contract, essentially forcing targeted muscles to relax. For patients suffering from chronic muscle tension, neuromodulators can provide lasting relief and enable the body to reestablish functional harmony.

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Book your Austin Neck & Back Pain Relief Treatment at Breathe Aesthetics

Breathe Aesthetics is committed to providing our patients with the most advanced therapies science has to offer. Book your Neck & Back Restore Treatment in Austin or Dallas, TX, with Breathe Aesthetics to give yourself immediate and lasting pain relief so that you can live your passions without pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any recovery following the Neck & Back Restore Treatment?

There is no downtime following this treatment, and you can easily return to your regular daily routine immediately after your appointment. However, patients who receive neuromodulator injections should avoid exercise for at least 24 hours after their treatment to ensure that the solution settles into the targeted muscles and does not migrate away from the injection site.

How long will my results last?

You can expect to experience relief for several weeks or longer. Neuromodulator injections can last three to four months. However, many patients can find that one injection appointment can help them achieve longer-lasting relief as they can restore muscle balance and engage in activities that promote muscular health.

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