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Postpartum Recovery

In Austin & Dallas

Make the Most of Your Motherhood Journey

Motherhood is easily one of the most magical and fulfilling experiences with which a person can be blessed. It is also one of the most selfless roles, full of sleepless nights, constant concern, and boundless love. With such immense purpose, it’s easy to imagine why it can be so easy for new moms to prioritize the wellbeing of their babies over their own.

However, it is also essential to practice self-care. Taking the time to preserve your sense of self and do things that make you feel good can ultimately make you a happier person and a better mother. Saxon MD provides the best non-invasive treatments for postpartum recovery in Dallas or Austin, so you can feel like the best version of yourself. Our postpartum recovery package includes Emsculpt Neo, Emtone, Emsella, and our signature facial so you can look and feel rejuvenated from head to toe.

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Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo delivers the results of hours of intense gym workouts in just 30 minutes of comfortable treatment.

This treatment uses radiofrequency and HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) energies to safely induce tens of thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions in a single session. Emsculpt Neo simultaneously tones muscles and melts fat. While it effectively decreases diastasis recti, you can also apply Emsculpt Neo to various areas of your body for a lean and athletic look.

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Emtone is an advanced solution to skin laxity and cellulite and is an excellent option for moms who would like to give their abdominal skin a post-baby boost. Emtone combines radiofrequency and targeted pressure energies to tighten skin and treat cellulite throughout the body. Emtone treatment is comfortable, and there is no downtime, so you can smooth and tighten your skin without disrupting your busy routine.


Childbirth can cause a significant loss of pelvic floor strength, affecting sexual and physical wellness.

One of the most common complaints following childbirth is urinary incontinence caused by muscle laxity. Emsella is a revolutionary treatment for pelvic floor laxity that uses HIFEM energy to restore muscle tone, improve sexual function, and treat incontinence. Like Emsculpt Neo and Emtone, Emsella treatment is very tolerable and involves no downtime.

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Included Signature Facial

In addition to the ultra-effective and non-invasive body treatments included in your Austin & Dallas Postpartum Recovery package, you will also receive one of our signature facials at the time of one of your other treatments. Our facials are customized to suit your unique needs with the highest level of ingredients. Smooth fine lines, clarify your complexion, and reduce your pores for a refreshed look.

Secure Your Dallas or Austin Postpartum Recovery Package at Saxon MD today

Moms deserve pampering too. The Austin or Dallas Postpartum Recovery package is tailored to help moms “bounce back” after childbirth for a renewed sense of self. Give yourself the gift of self-care by contacting our Med Spa in Austin or Dallas to take advantage of this comprehensive treatment package.

Postpartum Recovery FAQs

I’m breastfeeding; are these treatments safe for my baby and me?

While these treatments are generally very safe, we recommend waiting until after you are done breastfeeding to enjoy this package. However, we offer a broad range of treatments designed to suit your needs in the meantime.

How long will it take to notice my results?

The exact amount of time it will take to realize your results from these treatments varies between methods and individuals. With Emsculpt Neo and Emsella, you will notice a difference in muscle tone almost immediately, though your full results will appear several weeks after your final treatment sessions. Results from Emtone will begin to appear within a few weeks and continue to develop for three to six months after your last session.

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