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Be Your Skin’s Personal Trainer


We should be taking care of our skin the way we would our bodies: DIET + EXERCISE.

First and foremost, a healthy “diet” for your skin is essential. Daily use of medical-grade skin products is needed to feed your skin properly. Products such as cleansers , serums , moisturizers, SPF, and retinoids all protect the skin from future damage and treat problems that are already present. They will also maintain all the hard work you’ve put into our skin with in-office treatments. If you get confused when starting your skincare routine, just start with the Saxy Basics : retinol, vitamin C, and SPF. You can then add other specialty products as you form new habits in daily care.

Second is regular “exercise” for your skin. We go to the gym a few times a week in order to build strength and endurance. Over time, we see physical changes in our bodies. You can think of your skin in the same way. Give our skin a workout by seeing your aesthetician to get more intense treatments including facials, microneedling, or laser treatments. Dr. Saxon recommends seeing a skincare professional at least once a month to maintain tone and texture, build collagen and elastin, prevent breakouts, and adjust your skin product regimen if needed.

Together, consistency with treatments along with home care will give the ultimate results. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed aestheticians to figure out the best diet and exercise plan for your skin!


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