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Brow Bone Reduction

In Austin & Dallas

Who is a candidate for a brow bone reduction?

The upper third of the face has the most dramatic effect on attractiveness and femininity. The goal of our Austin & Dallas brow bone reductions is to sculpt the bone over the eyes to allow light to accentuate the upper face.

It is most often a combination procedure with work on the bone, brow lift, and lowering the hairline. Dr. Saxon performs this procedure most often in gender confirmation procedures in the transition from male to female facial features. With these procedures in the media more often the last few years it is now requested from the general population more and more every day. The key to creating the best result with this procedure is addressing the frontal sinus. This sinus is a pocket of air of varying size beginning at the top of the nose and extends up in the forehead. The majority of individuals require more than just shaving down the bone.

To create a smooth contour between the forehead down to the nose requires entering into the sinus and setting the bone back. In technical terms, this is called a type 3 forehead reduction. Dr. Saxon’s intimate knowledge of the sinuses and performance of hundreds of these cases makes her one of the few experts in this procedure. She continues to be board certified in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and can address any sinus pathology if encountered at the time. Once an ideal contour is achieved, the bone is set into position with titanium plates and screws.

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What is recovery like after brow bone reduction?

The incision will be closed with a combination of sutures and clips that will need to be removed after one week. A compressive dressing is worn on the forehead during that time and can be removed for showering and cleaning the incision.

There can be significant swelling and bruising which will extend down around the eyes with gravity. It is not uncommon for the eyes to be completely swollen shut for the first 24 hours, so a friend, family member, or caretaker will be needed to help you for the first few days. Swelling quickly diminishes, and pain begins to improve at that time. The scalp and forehead can be numb for several months and is expected. If the incision is made in the hairline, hair starts to grow after 2-6 months.

What is a Brow Bone Reduction

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