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Jaw Contouring

Jaw & Chin

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Sculpt & Define Your Facial Harmony.

Looking for a sharper jawline or a more balanced profile? Jaw contouring refines your facial structure for a sculpted and aesthetically pleasing look. Dr. Sarah Saxon, a renowned facial plastic surgeon, offers personalized techniques to achieve your desired results.
Looking for a sharper jawline or a more balanced profile? Jaw contouring refines your facial structure for a sculpted and aesthetically pleasing look. Dr. Sarah Saxon, a renowned facial plastic surgeon, offers personalized techniques to achieve your desired results.

Improve Your Jawline & Facial Contours

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Jawline contouring reshapes the jaw for a more defined and symmetrical appearance. Known for its popularity among prominent Korean pop stars, this treatment addresses the bone structure and the masseter muscle of the jaw. It addresses concerns like a wide jaw, particularly at the back or front near the chin. The procedure can involve various approaches, such as Botox injections to shrink the masseter muscle or surgical interventions to alter the bone structure, ensuring a sleek and aesthetically pleasing facial silhouette.

Before & After

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What is

Jaw Contouring?

How Is Jaw Contouring Performed?

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A wide jawline can result from multiple factors such as an enlarged masseter, wide bone structure, and skin laxity. Dr. Saxon will evaluate all of these causes and give a customized plan for your particular anatomy.

To perform jaw contouring, incisions are made inside the mouth to gain access to the mandible bone. From there, the bone can be reshaped by sculpting the bone with specialized instrumentation to narrow the contour. Dramatic results can be achieved safely without making cuts in the bone or using plates and screws.

Sometimes, removing bone from the jawline can cause some degree of skin laxity. Swelling subsides enough after about 6 months to determine whether skin tightening is necessary to optimize your results.

Your Jaw Contouring Plan

To achieve the look you desire, your treatment plan may have various procedures and treatments. Dr. Saxon regularly incorporates these into her Jaw Contouring:

Jaw Contouring Preparation Guidelines:

The Recovery Process

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After jaw contouring, you may notice considerable swelling, primarily due to the enlargement of the masseter muscle along the jaw’s edge. Dr. Saxon will give steroids to help with swelling and provide specific aftercare instructions, such as using a special mouthwash to prevent bacterial buildup in the mouth’s crevices. You can resume brushing your teeth as soon as you feel comfortable. We recommend doing gua sha lymphatic massage at home or in the office to help with swelling during the first few weeks. While you might observe some immediate changes, the final results generally take about 1 year to appear.

Jaw Contouring FAQs

How long does the jaw contouring procedure take?
The duration of the procedure varies based on the specific technique used and your individual needs. Typically, it can range from one to several hours.
Patients are usually under anesthesia during the procedure, so there’s no pain. Post-operative pain and discomfort can be managed with the prescribed pain medications.
While surgical jaw contouring offers long-lasting results, factors like age, lifestyle, and genetics can influence the outcome over time.
Dr. Saxon makes incisions in discreet locations, such as inside the mouth, to minimize visible scarring. Any scars that do form typically fade over time.
Recovery time varies, but many patients return to work within one to two weeks. Please follow your surgeon’s advice on resuming activities.
As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks, including infection, bleeding, nerve damage, and asymmetry. Please follow Dr. Saxon’s post-operative care instructions to minimize these risks.


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Why Choose Saxon MD?

Dr. Sarah Saxon is a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Austin and Dallas, Texas. Her patients come from all over the country to enjoy her artistic surgical experience for natural and beautiful results. She specializes in facial feminization surgery and is one of the very few surgeons who focus on aesthetic procedures on the jawline and lower face structure. She has an impressive educational background, including medical school at the University of Texas and residency at the University of New Mexico. She also underwent additional fellowship training at Boston University, further honing her skills as an excellent surgeon. As one of the nation’s few experts in advanced craniofacial techniques, Dr. Saxon ensures every procedure is handled with the utmost precision. Schedule a consultation with her today for her unparalleled expertise and care.

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