Is my jaw too wide?

Jaw (Mandible) contouring, also known as V-line or K-pop surgery, has been extremely popular in Asian countries for years before emerging as a trend in the U.S. The term “K-Pop” surgery came from its popularity in Korea as it exemplifies the jawline of many prominent Korean pop stars. The jaw can be wide in the back near the angle, in the front near the chin, or both. The masseter muscle can also cause the back of the jaw to enlarge towards the back of the jawline. This can be addressed with botox performed every 3-4 months to shrink the muscle. It is often the case; however, that the actual bone structure of the jaw is wide leaving surgery as the best option.

How do you contour the jawline?

To perform mandible contouring, incisions are made inside the mouth to gain access to the bone. A special instrument similar to a powered nail file is used through those incisions to precisely sculpt the bone. This technique is less aggressive than making cuts in the bone but with fewer complications. Nevertheless, the results are dramatic! Mandible contouring is just as much an art as it is a science. The right eye to determine the ideal degree of narrowing and shape of the jaw is essential when considering who to perform your surgery.

What is recovery like after jaw contouring?

The incisions in the mouth are closed with dissolving sutures. While healing, instructions are given to use a special mouthwash to keep bacteria from collecting in the crevices of the mouth. You will be able to brush your teeth as soon as you are comfortable. There is considerable swelling after this procedure mostly from enlargement of the masseter muscle along the edge of the jaw. For this reason, final results aren’t realized for at least 3 months and can continue to improve afterwards. A compressive dressing to give support to the chin and jaw is kept on at all times for one week and while at home afterwards for an additional 1-2 weeks.

Before and After

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