Who is a candidate for a lip lift?

If you have an upper lip that is too long you may be a candidate for a lip lift. This is caused by the upper lip elongating and hanging over the upper teeth as one ages. A more youthful upper lip is one that is full but short exposing the upper teeth when the mouth is open. If you look at any fashion magazine you can see examples of this as models often pose with their mouths open.

What exactly is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a procedure that can be done with or without lip augmentation and appears more natural than simply adding volume alone. It involves making an incision in the crease at the base of your nose and removing some of the skin of the upper lip. You can think of it as a facelift for your mouth!

What is recovery like after a lip lift?

After a lip lift there are sutures at the base of the nose hidden within the skin crease. These are removed one week after the procedure. These are kept clean and moist with ointment to prevent any scabs from forming. Mild swelling and numbness occurs, but bruising generally is minimal. The incision can appear tight and slightly pink for several weeks to months which all improves over time. Instructions are given to keep sunscreen on the incision at all times to prevent long-term pigmentation of the scar. A few days after the sutures are removed patients are free to wear makeup over the incision.

Before and After

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