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Aesthetics meets Athletics: Functional Applications for Emsculpt

AthleticsEmsculpt is the new hottest device when it comes to body contouring. It tones and tightens muscles for an improved shape and increased strength. Looking better is awesome, but the more the Saxy Squad uses it, the more we have discovered how much stronger and better we feel in general.  We are starting to believe it is not just a tool to achieve six pack abs and a Kardashian booty. Clinically proven to not only build muscle, but inspire the growth of new muscle fibers, Emsculpt is showing serious signs of use as a functional medicine device! Could it even have implications for treatments of conditions such as muscular dystrophy, post-surgery strengthening, and even antiaging properties? We say yes!

Emsculpt uses non-invasive  HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to induce the contraction of large and small muscle groups not achievable through voluntary contractions via exercise. When exposed to these contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to extreme conditions and responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure, leading to creation of new protein strands and muscle fibers. Increased muscle density and volume lead to increased strength, better definition, and muscle tone. These powerful contractions also induce a great demand for energy, resulting in the use of stored of fat cells. The targeted energy activates only movement neurons, while other neurons or tissues are not responsive and therefore stay unaffected, so there is no pain or “burn” that one would feel in exercise or other exertion. This means that you can achieve multiple times the results of intense exercise with minimal effort and exertion. This is great news for people who suffer from conditions that may deter them from hitting the gym, such as sciatica, those restricted post-surgery or injury, and those that have significant muscle weakness from inactivity.

As we age, our muscles begin to rapidly deteriorate, especially for people that cannot, or chose not to, be active. Maintaining muscle strength aids in coordination and balance, which in turn helps to prevent falls and related fractures. Emsculpt is a great tool to use before starting a workout regimen. It can make working out easier and safer since it builds muscle from the inside out. Starting a regimen with a solid muscular foundation reduces the chance of strain or sprain.  More muscle means more endurance, less body fat, and overall improved health. Maintaining muscle mass as we age keeps us functioning at a high level, and some studies suggest having higher than average muscle mass may even help build stronger bones. One of the most talked-about reasons for strength training in women is the prevention of osteoporosis. Women ages 65 to 70 who experience a fracture around the hip joint are five times more likely to die within a year than women of the same age that don’t experience a fracture around the hip joint. By using Emsculpt in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, you can maintain and improve your level of fitness throughout all the years of life.

Emsculpt can also be used to help treat diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles. This occurs when the two large vertical muscles that meet in the center of your abdomen pull apart from the body’s midline, most commonly as a result of pregnancy as the muscles stretch to accommodate a growing baby. Until Emsculpt, this has only been resolved with surgery, but now there is an FDA approved, non-surgical treatment to improve this condition. Many new moms know that working out is totally off limits for at least the first 6 weeks post-partum, if not longer when a C section is involved. Getting back in the gym can be HARD after all the down time. Emsculpt eliminates that difficult intermission by rebuilding and strengthening muscles without the strenuous labor. Even years after birth, diastasis recti can remain leaving a roundness in the tummy and weakness in the core. Even years after the kids have gone to school or even moved out, Emsculpt can flatten the mummy tummy and restore the core.

The FDA has not yet tested Emsculpt on specific muscle deficiencies, but the Saxy Squad has been doing some homework! We have used Emsculpt on people with complaints of sciatica, unexplained muscle weakness, and even post-surgery injuries, all with glowing results. 100% of our patients thus far have reported noticeable improvement in their complaints, if not complete resolution. We have had patients return to jogging, yoga, and even weightlifting. They are not only impressed with how they look, but they are overjoyed at how fit they feel and how much Emsculpt has improved their quality of life. Almost everyone is a candidate with a few rare restrictions (medical implants, morbid obesity, and those that are actively pregnant or immediately post-partum) and since the procedure is completely noninvasive, it is a zero risk, high reward way to achieve your fitness goals as well as improve your quality of life!

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