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How To Reduce Bruising &
Swelling After Procedures

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How to reduce post procedure bruising and swelling

We’ve all heard the saying that “beauty is pain” – many of us have experienced some inflammation and or bruising after receiving one of our favorite skincare procedures. Icing the area can help reduce bruising and lymphatic massage can help reduce swelling in the treated area, however many people don’t realize that incorporating certain supplements pre and post procedure can help minimize both bruising and inflammation and maximize overall healing. If you are looking for some additional healing support our Silagen Arnica – Bromelain complex is here to help reduce post procedure swelling and bruising from the inside out. Learn how the ingredients in this powerful complex may help you:

  • Arnica Montana – Originates from an herbal plant that has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce bruising and swelling and can enhance wound repair
  • Bromelain – Is an enzyme derived from pineapples that can help reduce swelling
  • Grape Seed Extract- Is derived from red grapes and filled with antioxidant properties to assist with wound healing
  • Vitamin C – Has antioxidant properties that helps with inflammation and to increase collagen production
  • Zinc- Is an essential mineral that helps encourage wound healing
  • Diosmi and Hesperidin – Is found in citrus and can help to reduce swelling
  • Rutin and Citrus Bioflavonoids – Is derived from citrus and can aid in reducing swelling and increase lymphatic drainage

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