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Facial Feminization Surgery

In Austin & Dallas

Why facial feminization surgery?

There are certain qualities of facial features that can make a face appear more masculine or feminine. Generally, larger or wider features make a face appear more masculine, while smaller, more delicate features can make you look more feminine.

Even the condition of your skin and the location of your hairline can make you appear more masculine or feminine. Facial feminization surgery can be an essential step in transitioning for transgender women. The discrepancy between experienced gender and sex assigned at birth can cause significant distress and a yearning to achieve a life that reflects one’s true identity. Sadly, transgender women may also face discrimination. Facial feminization surgery reduces the occurrence of such emotionally damaging experiences.

Dr. Sarah Saxon is the region’s leading Facial Feminization Surgery specialist and has developed her own wound healing techniques to allow for faster recovery and the most natural-looking results. Facial feminization surgery in Austin or Dallas with Dr. Saxon, can dramatically improve the quality of life for cisgender and transgender women as you can live your truth fully and with confidence.

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What is facial feminization surgery?

Facial feminization surgery in Austin & Dallas (or, FFS) is a way of analyzing the face which is most frequently thought of in male to female transgender facial surgery. A feminine face incorporates many soft tissue and bony elements including:

  • Large eyes
  • Small nose and chin
  • Prominent cheek bones
  • Eyebrow position and shape
  • Smooth skin texture without hair
  • Short upper lip and full lips overall

All of these features can be applied to both transgender and cisgender women when discussing Austin or Dallas facial rejuvenation surgery. Dr. Saxon trained with the world-renowned Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel in her fellowship at Boston University Medical Center and The Spiegel Center where she spent an entire year studying the nuances of the feminine face. Dr. Spiegel developed the surgical techniques that are now becoming more well-known in facial feminization.

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Your Facial Feminization Plan

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Procedure overview

While each procedure within your facial feminization surgical plan will have its own set of desired improvements, Dr. Saxon’s overall focus when performing facial feminization surgery in Austin or Dallas, TX, is to emphasize the upper portion of the face and refine the lower portion.

Features such as large eyes and fuller cheeks are characteristically feminine, while stronger features in the lower face (such as a wide jaw or prominent chin) make a face appear more masculine. By enlarging and brightening the eyes and refining masculine features, the face will appear softer, more delicate, and more feminine overall. Procedures involved in feminizing the face include:

Preparing for facial feminization surgery

During your Austin or Dallas facial feminization consultation with Dr. Saxon, you will discuss how you feel about your facial features and the adjustments you would like to achieve through your surgery.

Dr. Saxon will explain what can realistically be achieved and recommend procedures to produce the best results. Together, you and Dr. Saxon will develop your surgical plan based on this conversation. You may need to undergo certain tests or meet specific criteria before your surgery to ensure facial feminization surgery is safe for you. Your medical history and a physical exam will help determine the necessary procedures for your facial feminization surgery.

To ensure that your procedure is as safe as possible, Dr. Saxon does require Austin & Dallas facial feminization surgery patients to discontinue hormone therapy two weeks before their surgery. The use of hormones may increase the risk of blood clots as a result of surgery. Dr. Saxon or a team member will take pictures of your face before surgery and again after you have healed and full results are visible.

Dallas or Austin Facial Plastic Surgery patient

After your Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery is a major surgical procedure, and recovery is significant. You should expect to experience swelling, pain, redness, and bruising in multiple areas of the face. Swelling may force the eyelids shut in the first 24 hours after surgery. If this occurs, Dr. Saxon will provide you with steroids and recommend that you apply a cold compress to reduce swelling.

Swelling in the lower face as a result of jawline contouring may cause difficulty eating or speaking. This condition is to be expected but may be problematic. To minimize this risk, Dr. Saxon provides all facial feminization patients with a specially-formulated nutritional supplement powder to expedite healing. This powder can be added to any shakes or smoothies after your surgery.

You are likely to need multiple dressings following your surgery, depending on what specific procedures are included in your treatment plan. Most facial feminization patients are dressed with an ACE head wrap and a cast on their nose. You are also likely to have several incisions to keep clean and protect. These may include an incision at or behind the hairline, under the nose, inside the cheeks, or other areas.

Dr. Saxon will remove all of your sutures one week after your surgery. Dr. Saxon includes exosome injections into any visible incisions to reduce the likelihood of scarring and into scalp or hairline incisions to prevent shock hair loss. Throughout your recovery, you will need to prevent any stress on your incisions to promote healing and prevent the development of complications such as keloids. In the event of such complications, Dr. Saxon has various strategies for resolving issues after surgery.

You should expect to stay home from work or school for a minimum of three to four weeks. After this period, you will not need to wear any dressings, and you will be able to apply makeup to disguise any incisions or bruising.

Your facial feminization results

As facial feminization surgery requires substantial and lengthy recovery, your final results may take up to one year to realize. Throughout your recovery, you will be in contact with Dr. Saxon and any other specialists involved in your transition.

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Schedule your facial feminization consultation with Dr. Saxon

Dr. Sarah Saxon is a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and a leading specialist in facial feminization surgery.

Dr. Saxon strives to deliver the best facial feminization surgery Austin & Dallas has to offer and prioritizes patient satisfaction and general wellness, from aesthetic procedural outcomes to mental health and quality of life. If you would like to discuss your facial feminization in Austin or Dallas with Dr. Saxon, please contact our office to schedule your consultation. We look forward to helping you live your life happily and authentically.

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