What is facial feminization surgery?

Facial feminization surgery is a way of analyzing the face which is most frequently thought of in male to female transgender facial surgery. A feminine face incorporates many soft tissue and bony elements including:

  • Large eyes
  • Eyebrow position and shape
  • Prominent cheek bones
  • Short upper lip and full lips overall
  • Small nose and chin
  • Smooth skin texture without hair

All of these features can be applied to both transgender and cisgender women when discussing facial rejuvenation surgery. Dr. Saxon trained with the world-renowned Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel in her fellowship at Boston University Medical Center and The Spiegel Center where she spent an entire year studying the nuances of the feminine face. Dr. Spiegel developed the surgical techniques that are now becoming more well-known in facial feminization.

Procedures involved in feminizing the face include:

Before and After

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