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Emsculpt vs. Cooltone


It’s officially that time of the year again – swimsuit season!!! After being at home for so long, you may need a little boost to get your body toned and back in shape for the summer. Luckily, there are some amazing non-invasive body devices available to slim, sculpt, and tone the entire body. Until recently, most focused on fat alone to slim down the waistline. We have now come to realize that best results come from targeting fat, skin, and muscle. The two most widely known devices for muscle rebuilding are Emsculpt and Cooltone. With so many new technologies coming to market, it can be very confusing to choose what is best for you, so here is a short breakdown on the difference between the two devices.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a non-invasive High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) field device that produces supramaximal muscle contractions that force hyperplasia (division) and hypertrophy (enlargement) of muscle fibers for improved appearance, strength, and function. Emsculpt also reduces volume of fat by releasing so much energy that it causes apoptosis (cell death).

What is CoolTone?

Cooltone is non-invasive device that uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology to deliver strong pulses to muscle tissue to induce involuntary muscle contractions. The body responds by strengthening muscle fibers and improving muscle conditioning.

What are the similarities between Emsculpt and Cooltone?

Emsculpt and CoolTone both require a total of 4 treatments spaced over 2 weeks. The sessions last 30 minutes and there is no associated downtime. Emsculpt and CoolTone can both be used on men and women, and both feel like an intense workout. Neither device can be used over metal or electronic implants. Finally, positive results for both treatments are reported starting at four weeks following the fourth treatment.

What are the differences between Emsculpt and Cooltone?

The first difference is in regards to FDA approval for the treatment of certain body areas. CoolTone is only FDA cleared for treatment on the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.Emsculpt is FDA approved for treatment of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and calves.

Another difference in the two devices is in the design. The Emsculpt applicators can be placed directly on the skin for better depth of penetration and are optimal for muscle stimulations. This results in improved placement and precision. The Emsculpt device uses an air-cooling system that results in no overheating, no burning, and stronger, longer pulses. Unlike the Emsculpt applicators, the CoolTone applicators cannot touch the skin. This device uses a liquid cooling system that can potentially lead to patient burns.

The major difference between Emsculpt and CoolTone is the evidence to back up the treatment based on clinical data. Emsculpt took 9 years of development by 300 engineers. It is supported by numerous clinical studies and is the only non-invasive body contouring machine with at least one year of data backing the research. This research shows not only increase in muscle but decrease in fat. Unlike Emsculpt, Cooltone has no effect on fat.

Clinical studies of Emsculpt have demonstrated that patients’ results keep improving with time. In one study, Emsculpt patients were evaluated three months after their last treatment and showed an average waist size reduction by 4.37cm. The study showed that 75% of the waist size reduction was measured after the last treatment with results further improving at three months out. Another clinical MRI study of Emsculpt showed that abdominal fat was reduced on average by 18.6% and abdominal muscle mass was increased on average by 15.4% two months after treatment.

Emsculpt has been proven to decrease both subcutaneous fat (under the skin) and visceral fat (surrounding the organs). In one clinical study, CT scans done four weeks after treatment with Emsculpt showed an average visceral fat reduction within the abdomen of 14.3%.

Finally, Emsculpt has been shown in clinical studies to improve Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) that occurs post pregnancy and post cesarian section. In an MRI clinical study, a 10.4% average reduction in Diastasis Recti was shown in patients when evaluated two months after four 30-minute Emsculpt treatments.

The Takeaway

It’s easy to look at flashy marketing and too-good-to-be-true promises and think that the non-invasive craze is limited. Yes, there are plenty of technologies out there that don’t yield the greatest results, but there are also others that are amazing.

With Emsculpt the answer is simple. It’s a breakthrough technology backed by science that targets fat and muscle with zero downtime. The results continue to improve over at least one year, and it can be combined with other technologies like Emtone to tighten skin as well. The key to any non-invasive treatment is determining if you are a good candidate. As with anything in aesthetics, it is important that you have a thorough consult with a physician to discuss whether this is right for your specific body type. At our medspa, Dr. Saxon has developed combination treatments withEmsculpt, Emtone, Exilis Ultra 360, and Vanquish ME to maximize results in any body type. She personally examines everyone to determine which protocol they need.

Are you interested in Emsculpt? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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