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Introducing Embodi – Body Contouring Like You’ve Never Seen


Introducing Embodi

Noninvasive body contouring has been available for years now, and treatments have mainly focused on fat reduction. We’ve heated it up with SculpSure and cooled it down with Coolsculpting, but many feel they get lackluster results in the end. I was one of those people. About 4 years ago I too wanted to see what all the hype was about with Coolsculpting. I decided to schedule a consultation after trying my best to research before and after photos, patient testimonials, and journal articles. To my surprise, the treatment was very painful. It took my breath away when the applicator was removed, and the staff had to massage the “stick of butter” that was my abdomen. I had to wear a compressive garment since the treatment caused quite a bit of swelling and bruising. What happened to quick and easy?

I didn’t see any results at first, but I knew that it sometimes took multiple Coolsculpting treatments to see any significant reduction, so I went in for a second treatment. Fast forward several months later, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Not only did I not see my abdomen shrink, it was actually larger with very distinct demarcated areas where the applicators were placed. I massaged the areas thinking that they would settle, but they remained hard large blobs of fat on my abdomen that no amount of diet or exercise was touching. I even tried injecting Kybella hoping it would slightly go away.

What I experienced was something called paradoxical hyperplasia. Everything I read said it only happened in less than 1% of patients after cryolypolysis. As time has gone on; however, I have talked to countless patients who have experienced the same thing leading me to believe the incidence is under reported.

I eventually decided to get liposuction to try to fix the areas that looked so deformed since I was more self-conscious than ever. During my surgical consultation, I realized that not only did my fat grow, but the skin quality diminished as well. Since the skin was so loose, I opted to do liposuction along with Bodytite. Did I see improvement afterwards? Yes, of course! I was still left with some contour irregularities, though, since there was so much scar tissue. For this reason, I had considered getting a second surgery for fine tuning.

My experience left me skeptical that there would ever be a noninvasive treatment that could yield real results. It wasn’t until I started doing FaceTite in the office that I realized radiofrequency may be a better option. Radiofrequency completely tightened the jawline of my patients, but I had to pay close attention to technique and temperature. Since I had a growing number of patients asking for body treatments, I decided to start the search for something that actually worked. I wouldn’t want any of my patients experiencing what I did.

The wait is over……

I finally found it! I found the answer to what I was looking for. For so long, we have been focusing to fat reduction with single modality treatments. The key is to treat the fat, the skin, and the muscle together! After I figured this out, I searched for the devices that weren’t just about hype but could have consistent results. I knew that this may not be easy since, like surgery, even a device with potential may not work unless in good hands with a consistent protocol. It had to be comfortable with little downtime as well.

I came across BTL Aesthetics and was very impressed by how much they emphasized research-driven results. With over 300 engineers, they spend all their time innovating and pushing the limits beyond what we could even imagine. One thing that impressed me about the company even more is that they don’t launch a device immediately after it is FDA approved (commonly practiced in most other companies). They wait until they do clinical trials to formulate a protocol with the best results.

After seeing great results with Emsculpt and Exilis Ultra 360, the two devices I acquired first, I decided to boost the results even further with Vanquish ME and Emtone. Since then, I have worked tirelessly to determine the best technique, combination, and positioning for absolute stunning outcomes. It has been the attention to every little detail that has made the biggest difference.

What do all these devices do?

Emtone is the latest treatment from BTL Aesthetics which is the only device that targets all aspects of cellulite. It uses targeted pressure energy and radiofrequency to tighten skin, diminish superficial fat pockets, increase blood flow, and remove lymphatic waste. I have found that this treatment also breaks up scarred fat pockets caused by surgery or coolsculpting as well.

Exilis Ultra 360 combines both radiofrequency and ultrasound technology to treat the entire body. The settings can be adjusted to deliver energy as deep to melt fat or stay on the surface to tighten skin.

Vanquish ME is a panel that delivers radiofrequency energy deep to the skin without even touching you! It has the largest spot size of any other fat reduction device on the market. This treatment can literally shrink wrap your waist!

Emsculpt is the only muscle contouring device on the market that uses high frequency electromagnetic energy to produce supramaximal muscle contractions. The result is muscle fiber multiplication (produces more muscle fibers) and enlarges each muscle fiber individually. The energy it takes to produce these contractions ruptures fat cells in the process.

What is the Embodi signature treatment?

Embodi is a full body transformation which utilizes all 4 devices to tighten skin, melt fat, and build muscle. Each technology builds on the next. The key is using each device in the right order for a specific amount of time all the while maintaining impeccable technique. This is a treatment that is not offered anywhere else in the country! I sincerely think this is the best thing short of major surgery without the downtime. I am seeing that the average person goes down 1-2 dress sizes, increases functionality to improve workouts, and treats stubborn areas that can’t even be targeted with surgery.

Who is a candidate for Embodi?

Anyone who wants to slim down and tighten the whole body can be treated by the Embodi protocol. The main limitation is if you have metal implants directly under the treatment site. This includes a copper IUD when treating the abdomen with Emsculpt.

Are there any downsides to Embodi?

The only thing that is difficult with Embodi is that it is a time commitment. There are usually 4 treatments per body area, so each session can last 2.5-4 hours depending on how your schedule fits in to our protocol. You should be able to get through the entire treatment in 6 weeks. Final results are seen at about 3 months after the last treatment.

Do I need to be on a certain diet or exercise plan with Embodi?

We always encourage a healthy diet and regular exercise. With that being said, it is not necessary while undergoing the Embodi protocol. You should see results even without changing your lifestyle. We do require that everyone stay well-hydrated so that the fat will be flushed out of your body appropriately. This will be measured each time you come into the office.

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Do you have questions about Embodi?

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