Who is a candidate for Adam’s Apple Reduction?

The thyroid cartilage, otherwise known as the Adam’s Apple, varies in size between individuals. It is usually more prominent in men since testosterone enlarges and changes the shape of the cartilage. Some women, however, have a prominent Adam’s Apple as well. Shaving down this prominence gained popularity in the transgender community, but is now a popular procedure in the general public.

The most important reason to go to an experienced surgeon for this procedure is the risk of permanently changing the voice if done incorrectly. The vocal cords insert within this cartilage at varying levels. Finding this insertion site is the most important part of this procedure so that the voice is preserved. Dr. Saxon is very comfortable doing this since she has a background in Otolaryngology which includes voice surgery.

During the procedure, the Adam’s Apple is exposed, and a camera is used to visualize the vocal cords as the same time. A needle is then placed through the cartilage to precisely locate the insertion site of the vocal cords. All of the cartilage above this level can then be removed. This ensures that the bump on the neck is taken down as much as safely possible without affecting the vocal cords.

What is recovery like after Adam’s Apple Reduction?

The incision in the neck is closed with dissolving sutures and a special glue. The only limitation afterwards is avoiding lifting heavy objects for two weeks. Most feel well enough to go on walk and do light exercise. Your voice may be raspy for about one week from the breathing tube placed during the procedure which is normal. If you are coming from out of town it is required to stay near the hospital for 24 hours because of the very rare possibility of a collection of blood around your voicebox within that time period.

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