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How to Perform Gua Sha Lymphatic Massage

gua sha lymphatic massage

Skin health is closely related to the functionality of your lymphatic system as it plays a major role in detoxification. After facial plastic surgery procedures the lymphatic channels are temporarily disrupted, so Dr. Saxon will often recommend gua sha massage to reduce swelling and decrease downtime.  Gua Sha is recommended particularly after procedures such as jawline contouring, facelifts, and Facetite.

The 3 most common methods of lymphatic massage include manual manipulation, Gua Sha, and use of a jade roller. While all are beneficial, Gua Sha stand outs because it provides even pressure over a large surface area. The jade gua sha tools come in multiple shapes which are all fairly simple, making them easy to clean, while also being able to maneuver through through all the contours and crevices of the face and neck.

Gua Sha Massage Tips

  • Find a light oil or cream as gua sha massage always needs a carrier oil or a slippery lotion to move across the skin. If you have acneic skin you can use a hyaluronic acid serum instead.
  • Hold your tool at a 15-30 degree angle slanted
  • The trick to using your tools at home is to go upwards and outwards towards the ears and away from the midline (center) of the face. This will help encourage for the lymph to flow freely.
  • Don’t forget to go down the sides of the neck!
  • It’s ok to use two gua sha blades for the sake of time, and you can also feel the difference on each side of the face and what needs more work.
  • A small wiggle at the end of your pass with help push lymph out.
  • Lastly, the right pressure is whatever feels good to you. Follow your intuition, maybe it’s more or less in some areas.

There are numerous tutorial videos online to help you learn more advanced techniques. You can also find Gua Sha tools of various materials and shapes to fit your budget and lifestyle.  Using these tools in your beauty ritual is a part of caring for yourself and connecting to your needs!



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