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Solutions to Dealing with a High Forehead


For some women, a high forehead can be a self-conscious sore spot. Their hairline starts further back, which spans a wider distance from the brow line. Anyone who has ever watched live television has probably seen a multitude of hair care commercials. And, much like the women depicted in those advertisements, local stores devote entire aisles to a seemingly endless amount of hair products, all with a beaming woman whose lush, luxurious hair serves as a focal point. 

Those companies have tapped into the fact that so much of a woman’s beauty and identity gets tied to her hair. Needless to say, for a woman to feel like her forehead distracts or diminishes that in some way can be detrimental to her self-image.

To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a high forehead. In fact, during the Renaissance, a high forehead stood as an emblem of ideal beauty, so much so that women even plucked hair from their hairline to make their foreheads appear larger. But, as history continues to illustrate, idealized forms of beauty change like the tide. 

Whatever aesthetic a person ascribes to is their choice, and it remains that there are many women who feel ill at ease with a high forehead. For those women who find themselves mired in self-doubt and feel like making a change will have a significant impact on their confidence, this blog is for you.

There are remedies for a high forehead, such as hairstyles designed to camouflage that portion of your face and even wigs for those who may also experience thinner hair. For a more permanent solution, hairline lowering (also called forehead reduction) serves as an option. However, after surgery, there will be an incision along the hairline. It will fade, but at first, patients may want a hairstyle that will hide the healing incision.

We reached out to our lovely friend Ally from Flair Style Lounge to get the lowdown on the best ways to conceal a high forehead prior to surgery and how to obscure the incision afterwards (photos courtesy of Flair Style Lounge)..

What haircuts and hairstyles do you recommend for minimizing the appearance of a high forehead?

The appearance of a high forehead can be greatly minimized with the right cut and styling. Avoid a middle part and opt for a deep side part to direct hair across the forehead. Sweep the hair from a part above the arch of one eyebrow down across the arch of the other eyebrow to visually cut your forehead in half. Proper texturizing and layering can keep a deep part from being too heavy.

What do you recommend in choosing a wig? Why?

When choosing a wig, there are lots of options out there today. Each type of wig has its pros and cons. A hand tied wig will create the most natural movement and easiest heat styling. It also comes with the highest price tag. Lace front wigs are also a good option because they have the natural effect of the hand tied wig along the hairline and still look very natural. 

Human hair wigs will offer the most versatility with styling because you can style it just as you would your own hair. They can also be cut, reshaped, and customized by your stylist. Synthetic wigs have come a long way in that they can look very natural. They can usually be worn right out of the packaging. You should just be sure to choose a style that you love, because heat styling and reshaping can be much more difficult than with human hair wigs. At a lower price point, synthetic wigs are a great choice if you want several options of wig styles.

What haircuts or styles do you recommend concealing an incision or scar at the hairline? Are there options aside from bangs?

The best option to conceal hairline incisions and scars is to keep volume and movement around the front of the face. Face framing layers are a great alternative to bangs because they allow you to still wear your hair towards the face without it falling flat or being in the way. Face framing also helps to add more volume which will be very helpful in camouflaging any scars and drawing the eye away from the scalp and hairline. 

While the word “bangs” can seem intimidating, they will always be a great option for hiding incisions. They don’t have to be heavy and blunt. Ask your stylist about more modern fringe styles like curtain bangs or a side swept bang.

Which would be the best option in your opinion? How could someone recreate that style on their own at home?

The best hairstyle for each person is definitely based on personal preference, hair type, and face shape. Ask your stylist to help you determine which would look best on you during a consultation. No matter what style you choose, there are a few styling tips that will help to add volume and movement to the hairline and conceal scars.

For volume around the hairline, always blow dry the roots away from the scalp. Using a round brush and medium heat on your blow dryer (be careful of healing incisions, low/no heat can be used just dry a little longer) create tension from the scalp of a small section of hair and blow dry up and forward. This will over direct the hair and create a longer lasting volume. 

Using a curling iron or wand to create texture in the hair will also add volume. Make sure to begin the curl or wave about an inch or two away from the scalp to preserve the volume created when blow drying. Always curl away from the face and tousle the curls with your fingers to keep them loose and relaxed. Texturizing spray is dry and lightweight and a great finishing alternative to traditional hairspray when wanting to keep volume in the hair.

Life is too short to spend time in self-doubt.

Click here to request your hairline lowering consultation with Dr. Saxon.

Confidence is within reach.


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